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Welcome to the new age of smart locks

Lock and unlock your doors from the next room or the province

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Effortlessly Control Your Door Locks

Enables the door lock to wirelessly communicate with other devices in home. The lock allows the user through a web enabled device to remotely check the door lock status.

Lock or unlock the door and receive text or email messages Geofencing enabled: if you travel away from your home you receive an alert and an option to lock from your phone

All locks are available in Nickel, Brass, and Bronze finishes

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Z-Wave Wireless Communication

Smart locks provide you with peace of mind security allowing you to know who is coming and going from your home.

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Door Lock Status Alerts

Get instant Alert notice when you forget to lock your doors or when someone locks or unlocks the doors..

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Total Convenience

As part of a smart home security system, your smart lock can trigger other devices in your home to act when you use it. Locking up in the morning can trigger your security system to arm, your garage door to close, and your lights to turn off. It can even trigger your smart thermostat to set back, saving energy while you’re out.

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Video doorbell integration

When installed alongside a video doorbell powered by Fluent Home, your smart lock becomes part of a ‘smart front door’ solution that allows you to visually verify visitors from home or away, then let them in.When a visitor rings the doorbell, you can see who’s there on your Fluent Home app, hold a two-way conversation with them, and let them in by clicking a lock icon at the bottom of the video feed.


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Part of a complete system

Protect what matters most with Fluent Smart Security

All packages include:

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Build your own custom package today!

You get a system that’s customized to suit your home. Start with our most basic package and add as many bells and whistles as you want including cameras, door locks, video doorbell and more.

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Smart Lighting

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Smart Thermostat

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Smart Locks

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Indoor Camera

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Video Doorbell

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Outdoor Camera

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Smart Garage Door

Smart Locks 14

Smart Water Valve

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Alexa Voice Control

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Fluent Home App

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Professional Installation

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24/7 Monitoring

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How to get started with a state of the art Fluent secured home automation system

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We’ll help you customize a home automation system to fit your lifestyle

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2. Schedule your installation

We’ll send our certified technician to professionally install your new system

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3. Download the app

Conveniently control your new system through our Fluent Smart Home App


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