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24x7 Monitoring

Continuous monitoring and
support that stays up all night so
you can rest easy

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“I can honestly say that Fluent helped save our business”
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Peace of Mind Protection

24x7 monitoring is there to respond to an emergency even if you can’t

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Fire Monitoring

Early detection of fire and smoke is critical to protecting your business.

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24/7 Support

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Stay secure the easy way

With motion-activated video, you can keep an eye on sensitive areas like sales floors, safes, and private offices. If anyone comes by, your cameras will immediately start recording.

Unlock your doors remotely

Fluent’s electronic door locks are the easiest way to let your employees in without the hassle.

Instead of bothering with expensive key cards or sets of keys that can get lost, you can program individual codes for each of your employees. Now you’ll know exactly who’s in your workplace and when, and no one will ever get locked out again.

How to get started with a state of the art secured automation system for your business

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1. Call for pricing

We’ll help you customize a home automation system to fit your lifestyle

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2. Schedule your installation

We’ll send our certified technician to professionally install your new system

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3. Download the app

Conveniently control your new system through our Fluent Smart Home App


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